Monday, February 12, 2007

The Best of Katharine Hepburn

Alice Adams (1935) Hepburn plays the daughter of a working class man. She has high hopes for climbing the social ladder, but can't afford to impress properly. But will a well-to-do suitor (played by Fred MacMurray) see past her superficial aspirations?

Holiday (1938) In a complete role reversal, Hepburn is one of three children in an extremely wealthy New York family. She falls for her sister's fiance, a regular Joe who's interested in finding his own way instead of holding down a desk job.

Bringing Up Baby (1938) Cary Grant is a paleontologist looking for a bone. Katharine Hepburn is smitten with Grant (who happens to be engaged). She ends up with a leopard that was supposed to be shipped to her aunt. Meanwhile, a terrier hides the bone Grant is looking for. A classic screwball comedy.

The Philadelphia Story (1940) Quite possibly her most famous role, Katharine again is a wealthy woman who finds herself attracting quite a bit of attention prior to her impending nuptials. Jimmy Stewart, a tabloid photographer, and Cary Grant, her first husband, are among the attention givers. Will the events surrounding an intoxicated evening the night before her wedding day threaten to call the whole thing off?

Adam's Rib (1949) A husband and wife, who are also both lawyers, end up representing opposing parties in a case where a woman is accused of attempting to kill her husband.

The African Queen (1951) Hepburn plays a missionary who makes an unlikely pairing with crass boat captain Humphrey Bogar. During World War I, the two find themselves navigating German-controlled waters in hopes of reaching safety.

Desk Set (1957) Technology threatens the jobs of the ladies in the research department. Spencer Tracy joins her once again.

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cinefille said...

I finally saw "On Golden Pond" and LOVED it. "Stage Door" and "Suddenly Last Summer" are two other great Hepburn movies.